The Passive Heat Recovery Window

Climawin is a window system that uses the heat normally lost through glass to preheat fresh air coming in and save energy.

A typical Irish/UK house fitted with will reduce its annual energy bill by 24%.


Climawin can recover 50% of the heat needed to make outside air comfortable on its way in, and on southern facades this rises to become a net heat gain.

Climawin uses automatically controlled valves and flaps to regulate the air coming in, maximising heat recovery and preventing condensation.

Climawin can function as a background, general and purge ventilation system.

Climawin works with a central air extraction system such as that in a kitchen or bathroom. It can be always on, low energy or activated only when the room sensors detect a requirement for fresh air.

Climawin is ideal for renovation, including widow replacement only projects, and suits new build construction also

Climawin can be self-powered (no wiring), integrated to your houses power system or  anything in between.

In warmer seasons or hotter climates Climawin in conjunction with integrated blinds operates in self cooling mode to bring in daylight without unwanted heat-saving ligthing energy.



Climawin provides healthy fresh air at comfortable temperature.


Climawin is easy to set up. Windows are installed and preconfigured sensors and controllers are mounted (wirelessly) on the room ceilings


A typical Irish /UK house fitted with the Climawin system alone will reduce its annual energy bill by 20% to 24%.



 Climawin was designed in Denmark and is manufactured  by our technical partners in Denmark and Germany


 Climawin can be controlled automatically, manually or using a bespoke smartphone app.


When used with a mechanical extraction system Climawin complies with Irish and UK Building Regulations